12 Month Personal Outlook


Piercing Shadows Between the Sun & Moon

How many times have you ever thought "If I only
knew before, I would have ." Throughout human
existence, we have struggled for a glimpse of the
future. To know the best times to act or to refrain,
has always been a signpost of wisdom. Nature follows
a pattern, as do the seasons of our lives. Just as the
sun rises and sets, so to do our fortunes ebb and flow. For thousands of years, the wisdom
masters of the Orient have studied these patterns, developing a philosophical science to
predict the changes in our shared lives. Grandmaster JiMong Choe is as the sages of old, a
master of Joo Yuk (I-Ching) and Myung Ri Hak (5 Element 4 Pillar Theory). The deep
understanding of these philosophies allows a master such as Grandmaster JiMong Choe to
recognize the patterns in life, enabling him to forecast the trends of the future. Just as when
you throw a rock into a pond, you can predict that the ripples will spread out and reach the
far shore, Grandmaster can predict the waves upcoming in our lives. From the unique
circumstances of your birth and life, Grandmaster JiMong Choe can reveal the most
auspicious times for your action or inaction, your advance or withdrawal, your beginnings
and ends. This Outlook is based on the Lunar Year, from February to February.
Grandmaster provides advanced knowledge, enabling you to be aware of emerging
situations. From this awareness, you can protect yourself, possibly avoiding accidents.
If, for example, October contained a warning of fire, your increased vigilance maybe
enough to prevent it. It is only prudent to use every resource in the protection and
preservation of your family. How valuable would it be to know the most favorable
month for you to invest in the stock market or start a new business. What if you
knew that March was a time for quiet and contemplation, you may avoid disaster
by not starting your public speaking career or trying a new sport. Some of the most
important events in our lives can be sagaciously chosen with the wise discernment of
Grandmaster JiMong Choe. Imagine knowing the best time to have a baby, to get a new
job or to move. This kind of insight is invaluable. Understanding the cycles of your life
can help you to be more happy, successful and productive. Everyone wants to be a good
member of his or her community, how much personal and communal benefit could you
provide with this arcane knowledge. Grandmaster Choe will provide a chart with a monthly
(February to February) forecast along with a overview of the entire lunar year. By
applying for your 12 Month Personal Outlook Guide, you are opening the door to
the bright sunshine of the future. Do not delay, the answers you seek may be hidden
in the shadows, awaiting the wisdom light of Grandmaster JiMong Choe.
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