5 Elements

Myung Ri Hak or the 5 Element 4-Pillar Theory, is
part of the philosophical foundation of Joo Yuk. The 5
Elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water represent
the types of energetic influences found in the universe.
Each element or Ki (energy) rhythm has the qualities of
the symbol, or form that represents it. For example, the
wood element does not mean a log, but the energetic nature of trees or plants. Myung Ri Hak
also recognizes that humanity is a smaller reflection of the larger universe, and that which
we see in nature can also be found within ourselves. The more one understands about
the 5 elements and their relationships, the more one can understand about themselves. The
relationship of the 5 Elements is dominated by two main aspects, the supporting or producing
cycle and the controlling or reducing cycle.
The producing cycle is as follows: Wood produces Fire, Fire produces Earth, Earth produces
Metal, Metal produces Water and Water produces Wood.
The controlling cycle is as follows: Wood controls Earth, Earth controls Water, Water
controls Fire, Fire controls Metal and Metal controls Wood.
All of the Elements have particular qualities such as a corresponding color, taste, Ki meridian
and internal organ, sense organ, time of day, season etc. All humans have one or more of the 5
elements in their character and personality. Knowing what your 5 elements (Ki Constitution)
are can help you to harmonize and balance your life, resulting in better health and more
fulfilling interactions. The sagacious ability of Grandmaster JiMong Choe to determine
your personal Ki Constitution can benefit you and those you care about, for the rest of
your life.
Your 5 Elements
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