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Chung Mu Hap Ki Do is an original and traditional style of martial art, passed down by the Choe family
through the ages. Chung Mu Hap Ki Do uses circular defense, requiring little power, only knowledge and skill.
The techniques of Chung Mu hap Ki Do include escaping, joint locking, grappling, pressure point strikes or
cavity press, striking, punching, kicking, throwing techniques, Qi gong, meditation, Soo Ki (the root of
acupressure), nutrition, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, moral conduct, and paths of virtue. Due to its countless
benefits, Choe's Hap Ki Do is suitable for everyone!
www.choesmoorymwon.comGrandmaster JiMong Choe
This is your opportunity to experience and learn the unique and amazing  techniques of Choe's Moo Rym Won
taught personally by World renowned Grandmaster JiMong Choe! Enter the Cyber Temple and prepare for
your lesson.
www.drjimong.comDr. JiMong Choe
In addition to being President of Choe's Moo Rym Won and a Sage, Grandmaster JiMong Choe is a healer of
international renown. Grandmaster JiMong Choe specializes in Sa Sang (Traditional Korean Medicine).
Traditional Korean Medicine is one of the world's most effective healing systems. Grandmaster JiMong Choe
is also an expert in Constitution Acupuncture, Herbal Decoctions, Acupressure, Soo Ki, Body
Alignment/Adjustment, Qi Gong, Cupping, Moxabustion, and more.
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