About the Vajra

The Vajra, Kume Kang Juh, is an ancient symbol of strength and wisdom. 
At one time the vajra was primarily a weapon, symbolizing the god Indra's
Thunderbolt. Kume Kang Ya Cha, guardian of the Buddha's Temple holds
the Vajra. As time passed the Vajra's association with Buddhist philosophy
and wisdom grew. The 5 Point Vajra, the oldest and strongest design,
symbolizes the 5 Wisdoms. The Holder of the Vajra is a Yuk Sa,
a "strong man" whose strength is 1 million times the strength of an
elephant. More importantly, Holding the Vajra means Supreme
Enlightenment, Power and Wisdom. The Vajra is held during meditation to
facilitate the advancement of one's wisdom. Grandmaster JiMong Choe is
the Vajra Holder. 
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Double Vajra, Supreme Enlightenment Power and Wisdom dream interpretation, 5 elements Double Vajra, Supreme Enlightenment Power and Wisdom
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