About the Vajra Holder Sage JiMong Choe

The Vajra, or thunderbolt is a powerful symbol of wisdom, sagacity and
insight into the nature of existence and life. The 5 Point Vajra symbolizes the five
wisdoms. Grandmaster JiMong Choe is the holder or keeper of the 5 Point
From his youth, Grandmaster Choe has been surrounded by and studied the
ancient wisdom teachings of his Korean Ancestors. By age 10 Grandmaster
Choe had memorized and understood the Book of Changes   I-Ching   (I-Ching) while visiting with his grandfather at
his mountain temple. Grandmaster's mother was a student of Buddhism and always hosted many high level monks,
exposing the young Grandmaster to even more philosophical and spiritual teachings.
Grandmaster's innate intuition and insight began to reveal themselves at an early age when a high ranking director
of a religious organization came to visit his mother. Grandmaster instantly had a bad feeling about this administrator
and refused to show the proper respect befitting his position. Grandmaster's Mother was outraged, however
Grandmaster knew intuitively that the bureaucrat was not what he seemed. Although chastised and punished for his
behavior, Grandmaster held to what was right. He was vindicated less than a year later when the official was shown
to be involved in corruption and scandal.
Grandmaster JiMong Choe
During the Korean War Grandmaster lived at An Shim Sa (Comfortable Mind Temple). At this temple Grandmaster
continued his spiritual studies. The temple owner was a highly enlightened nun, An Shim Sa Su Nim, who took an instant
liking to Grandmaster. The Nun had tremendous insight and sagacity, and recognized Grandmaster as the reincarnation
of one of Buddha's original disciples. Su Nim shared this insight with Grandmaster by showing him the statue of the
Buddha's second disciple, Mok Yun Joun Jah Grandmaster Choe (Maha Mogallana), known for having divine powers.
An Shim Sa Su Nim also prophesied his martial arts destiny to become a Grandmaster. Su Nim took Grandmaster
under her wing, and while there Grandmaster had two powerful dreams, both confirming his special gifts and Su Nim's
assessment. Grandmaster Choe treasured the time he spent with Su Nim. Although she was an important national figure,
An Shim Sa Su Nim always took time from her busy schedule to teach Grandmaster special lessons. When Su Nim died
people came from all over to pay their respects, such was the love and respect she endeared.
By the age of twelve Grandmaster had mastered face and palm reading. During his high school and college years
Grandmaster continued to study Chung Mu Hap Ki Do, and furthered his philosophical training with his uncle, Dr.
Yoon, an important Buddhist monk. Dr. Yoon was a respected doctor and cousin to the president, Yoon Bo Sun
Yoon Bo Sun. Dr. Yoon gave up the life of a doctor to embrace his philosophical and spiritual studies at Kwang Na Roo
Sa. Grandmaster continued to pursue his mastery of Hap Ki Do and the healing arts while working for the South Korean
government. After the death of his uncle, Grandmaster had a dream that his Uncle passed to him the 5 Point Vajra,
explaining that this would help Grandmaster Choe. Following the dream, Grandmaster's healing and diagnosing
Grandmaster and NangWhal SuNim
level increased dramatically. Grandmaster moved to
the United States in 1978, to share the benefits of his
knowledge and skills. Grandmaster continues to
cultivate his philosophical mastery with highly
respected colleagues such as Nang Whal Su Nim,
Myung Ri Hak, 5 Element 4 Pillar Theory, Master who is a top expert of Myung Ri
Hak, 5Element 4 Pillar Theory.
Grandmaster JiMong Choe, a Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine, specializing in SaSang Constitutional Acupuncture, is
Professor of Oriental Medicine and an NCCAOM certified acupuncturist. He is an expert of Sa Sang Constitution
Grandmaster Sa Sang Constitution Expert (traditional Korean acupuncture and herbal medicine), as well as Sa Ahm Acupuncture Grandmaster Sa Ahm Acupuncture Expert,
Pung Soo Grandmaster Pung Soo Expert(Feng Shui), Joo Yuk Grandmaster Joo Yuk Expert (Book of Changes), Myung Ri Hak Grandmaster Myung Ri Hak Expert (Five Element Four
Pillar Theory), Qi Gong Grandmaster Qi Gong Expert,and Soo Ki Grandmaster Soo Ki Expert(healing techniques that use internal power).
Grandmaster Choe has over 50 years of martial arts experience, and is highly respected in the healing and martial arts
world. His accomplishments and community service have earned him the appreciation and respect of leaders on a local
and international level.
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