Dream Interpretation

Whether we remember every morning, or not, we all dream.
There is a reason and meaning for all things in nature. So it is with
our dreams. The problem with dreams, however profound, is
deciphering that function and meaning. It takes an insight and
wisdom as sagacious as Grandmaster JiMong Choe's to extract the
essence from the chaos of dreams. Grandmaster's wisdom light can
make sense of our nighttime vision, empowering us with a
deeper understanding of our inner workings and the subtle rhythms of life. Historically, dreams have
been revered for their role as harbingers of danger. Conversely, dreams have also been the portent
of good fortune. By discovering a meaning or meanings of the dream you cannot figure out, yet
cannot forget; you may open yourself to a new level of self-knowledge. This inner illumination can
help to light the way for our direction in the waking world. Please return to the Dreams Page
in the future to benefit from the teachings of Sage JiMong Choe.
The following Dream Images can mean UNEXPECTED FORTUNE.
1. Burned whole house
2. Running up to grab the moon
3. Died in a burning house
4. Saw many pigs
5. Saw big snake
6. I died and whole family was crying
7. Saw many fish in the river
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