Grandmaster Dreams

Dreams have always been a source of mystery, inspiration and the
longing for something more. Dreams can have deep meaning or no
meaning. Knowing what your dreams mean, or don't mean can shine
light into the darker areas of our lives, or give the insight or
inspiration to move forward. The most powerful dreams are those
where real changes occur in the waking world following the action
in the dream. Following are some of the most profound dreams of
Grandmaster JiMong Choe.
While still a boy, Grandmaster dreamt of being alone on a mountain. When he looked up the mountain, he saw a
bright light shining from the earth to the heavens.  Naturally curious, Grandmaster went to investigate, and found an
opening in the mountainside. Inside the opening was a Golden Buddha, emanating the light of Wisdom. This was a
powerful dream and a harbinger of the course of Grandmaster's life. All of Grandmaster's family and his mother's monk
associates marveled at this due to its prophetic nature and hidden meaning.
Another dream occurred while Grandmaster
was at An Shim Sa. Residents of the temple
were getting sick and no one knew why. Grandmaster
had a dream of a stream that people were using as a
latrine. Grandmaster told the dream to the head nun.
In his description Grandmaster described the
surrounding terrain in detail. The Nun, An Shim Sa
Su Nim, immediately recognized the area Grandmaster
Grandmaster's Dream of the Vajra
described. Such was the clarity of Grandmaster's vision that the Nun took a group of monks and Grandmaster up
the mountain. Upon arriving at the site, which Grandmaster had only seen in his dream, they found the evidence
of human waste. This was polluting the stream that supplied the water for the Temple.
Grandmaster's Dream of Heaven
    Many years after the passing of
An Shim Sa Su Nim, Grandmaster
dreamt of visiting her. In this
dream Grandmaster begins in a
park, and across a stream on the
far hill is an idyllic neighborhood
with peaceful houses. Grandmaster
crosses the bridge to the other
side and once across follows
his intuition towards one of the
houses. Upon arrival, Grandmaster
is greeted by his old mentor, An
Shim Sa Su Nim. Grandmaster spends time walking and talking with her, at peace and enjoying her spiritual company.
When they parted, Grandmaster crossed the bridge and returned to the park. Upon looking back, he found that the
houses and neighborhood had disappeared. It wasn't until Grandmaster returned to the park in a subsequent dream,
that it reappeared.
Grandmaster's Temple Dream
The third dream, and most powerful, occurred while Grandmaster was focusing on
mastering oriental medicine theory and technique. In this dream, while Grandmaster is
working on perfecting his Soo Ki technique, a monk approaches him, floating on a cloud.
The monk is his recently departed uncle, Dr. Yoon. He then offers the 5 Point Vajra to
Grandmaster and tells him it will help him. Grandmaster is reluctant to accept the
offer, intent on improving himself and helping others by merit of his own efforts.
The monk insisted, saying with confidence that this was what Grandmaster needed. Eventually, Grandmaster accepted
the 5 Point Vajra and the blessing from his uncle. Following the dream, Grandmaster Choe found that he had
intuitive wisdom and could tell what was wrong with a person or what they needed from the smallest exposure
or bit of information. Grandmaster's reputation grew and he soon found himself one of the highest members of the
Korean Soo Ki Association. Grandmaster has used and continues to use his uncanny perceptions and vajra powered
wisdom to help his fellow man and serve the community. Learn more about dream interpretation. Click Here!
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