Parables of Wisdom
Sa BulGup Sul
Tongue speed is faster than a four wheeled wagon.
An elucidation of this adage is to think carefully before you speak.
Ou Wal Dong Joo
If you are in one boat, you have to row together.
This adage points directly to the necessity and importance of teamwork.
Yi Mok Ji Sim
Honesty gives wings to strength.
This conveys the need for virtue in action.
Dang Lang Guha Chul
The Mantis Refuses the Wagon's Wheel
One meaning of this parable may be that it is futile and destructive to resist the Universal Cycle and Law.
Yang Gum Tack Mok
The Wise Bird Selects the Strong Tree
One interpretation of this is that a smart person will choose to follow an established, wise leader.
Yong Du Sah Me
Dragon Head, Snake Body
This symbolism means that you finish what you start. Many snakes wish to be dragons, but
before they can transform they must complete many good deeds. Ergo, one must
finish their good deeds and not do it half way.
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