Philosophical Name

Philosophical Name
Who are you? Most people would answer by
giving their name. What does your name mean? In the
West, the of meaning one's name is not of primary
importance. In cultivated oriental families, you are
given a Philosophical Name. This name conveys deep
meaning, strengthens your character, and helps guide
your destiny. This does not replace your birth name; it
is a powerful addition to the composition of your self. In other traditional societies where
the members are in tune with nature and the universal rhythms, having a symbolic or totem
name is customary. Everyone's birth time and place are unique. Likewise everyone has unique
destinies, strengths, weaknesses, talents and 5 Element energies. Empowered by a Philosophical
Name, you can utilize your strength, decrease any weakness and capitalize on your talents 
by balancing and harmonizing your 5 Element energies. A Good man can become a Greater 
man with the destiny forging potency of a true Philosophical Name. Grandmaster JiMong Choe,
with his luminescent wisdom and penetrating insight, can determine the Philosophical Name
that matches you most completely.
Utilizing ancient techniques and your unique personal information, Grandmaster Choe
will find the most auspicious name for you. By having this Philosophical Name you will
immediately begin taking steps towards the betterment of your life and future destiny. By
extracting the philosophical essence of your life, Grandmaster finds that which is most
essential to you. This essential nature, embodied in your Philosophical Name gives you
clearer vision of your life's direction. From Grandmaster's mastery of Joo Yuk (I Ching) and
Myung Ri Hak (5 Element 4 Pillar Theory), your Philosophical name can improve your
fortune and life's direction. Furthermore, your relationship to the 5 Elements (Ki energy forces  
that shape our lives) will become more balanced and beneficial. For example, if your child is 
slightly timid and easily influenced, by having a Philosophical Name, your child's will power 
and confidence can improve. The certificate you receive will include the Name in traditional
Korean with the English pronunciation, the meaning of the individual characters, and
the philosophical meaning of the Name as a whole; all of this done personally by Grandmaster
JiMong Choe.  With the guiding power of your Philosophical Name, you can bring
to light more harmony and serenity in all of your situations. The Philosophical Name will
strengthen, vitalize and balance all of your life.
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