The Chun Boo Kyung is the oldest scripture in the world. Within its cryptic text are found
the origins of Buddhism, Confucianism, 5 Element/4 Pillar Theory, Joo Yuk and Zen. The text
of the Chun Boo Kyung was first discovered inscribed on a stone monument
mountains of Korea during the Silla dynasty. The master philosopher and scholar, Choi Chi
Won, discovered and translated the ancient text, which has since been dated to over nine
thousand (9,000) years old.
The Chun Boo Kyung describes and explains the origins and nature of the Universe within its
81 characters. One is the mysterious beginning; two is the even more mysterious absence of the
beginning; and three is the Universe divided into three. The Chun Boo Kyung continues by
connecting Heaven, Earth and Humanity via the numbers one through nine and beginning again
with number 10.
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