Ki Constitution Chart

When you apply for the Ki Constitution Chart from
Grandmaster JiMong Choe you are opening the door for
greater insight and harmonious living. Few things are as

valuable as self-knowledge. "Know thyself" has been the

directive of wisdom traditions since time immemorial.
With the Ki Constitution Chart, you may gain immediate, deeper perception into your
basic nature. Grandmaster's Mastery of the ancient philosophy and science of Myung Ri Hak (5
Element 4 Pillar Theory), combined with your unique personal information, allows
Grandmaster to determine your Major Ki Action (Element). All of the Ki elements (wood, fire,
earth, metal, water) relate to one another in a cycle of supporting and controlling. Grandmaster
also provides the entire 5 Element content, showing how much of each element you have.
Furthermore, Grandmaster explains which Ki elements you need to increase or decrease.
Without this information you are unable to utilize Feng Shui. The clothes you wear, the
furniture and interior decorations you have all possess 5 element properties that influence
you. Without the Ki Constitution Chart, you may be unwittingly adding to your misfortune by
having the colors and materials that don't match what you need. This lack of knowledge could
lead to unfulfilling relationships, poor finances and ill health. Thus armed, you have the
opportunity to balance and harmonize yourself. A letter explaining how to increase or
decrease the necessary and corresponding Ki elements is included with your chart.
In addition to the wealth of personal insight this information gives, it becomes even more
fulfilling in regard to relationships with others. Having a better understanding of your natural
affinities, you can understand the actions of others with greater empathy. This helps to build
and strengthen relationships. This extends to the relationship with your environment as well.
Sometimes, even the smallest insight into why we, or others act a certain way is invaluable.
From the receipt of the Ki Constitution Chart and the accompanying explanation letter,
you have opened your mind to understanding a profound philosophy. This philosophical
knowledge has limitless potential for further development. As you contemplate the
information in your Chart, your awareness of the subtleties of life increases. This aids
in living a more profound and mindful life.
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